What's New with Otis Fiber?

  • Published 2017-04-12

Otis is excited about Otis Fiber. Why? It’s the fastest internet service around and it’s powered by Whip City Fiber. It’s also a great tool for advancing economic stimulus and increasing property values that will benefit everyone who lives and works here.

Finally the people of Otis are going to have speedy and reliable fiber optic internet service. Fiber optic technology utilizes glass strands and light so it’s able to transmit data much farther and faster than traditional copper wire and electricity. Customers can use their internet access for phone service, working from home, and streaming entertainment. Today you can even watch the Bruins and Red Sox on NESN from Playstation Vue. We expect to bring high-speed internet to Otis by the end of 2017. For more information drop us an email at otis@whipcityfiber.com.