Spring 2019 Update

  • Published 2019-03-28

With spring comes an expected pick up in activity for Otis Fiber. Despite a few delays caused by mud we’re moving right along.

Installations are complete in Phase 2 and are proceeding in Phases 3 and 5. Parts of Phase 3 and all of Phase 4 are being temporarily held due to the famous Otis mud season. The town has had to close many of the dirt roads until things dry up. It has been a very bad year for mud. Fiber and strand construction are complete in phases up to 6 and we will be starting strand and fiber work in Phase 7 any day. The hut in Otis, which will feed Phases 6 and 7, is coming closer to completion and should be operational before the end of April.

It’s an exciting time to be in Otis. Thank you for all your support!